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Twisted lemon

Juice cleanses are all the rage these days. Apparently, cleanses rid your body of toxins and you can even drop a few pounds while you're at it. I heard this and thought, "Sign me up! I am definitely toxic." As I gagged on juices throughout the day I asked myself why I would submit myself to this torture, I finally got to the lemonade drink. It had a little cayenne in it to "boost metabolism." I took a sip and thought, "This is delightful, but it would be better with a little vodka." And...Twisted Lemon was born. Fresh, all natural lemon juice with a hint of cayenne makes for a tart and mildly spicy cocktail that is not only refreshing but delicious.

Natural Ingredients
Lemon, Cayenne, vodka, & natural sweetener

Nutritional Facts
1.5 oz. = 45 calories 15% alcohol by volume

Serving Suggestions
Pour over ice.
Blend with Ice for a slushy treat